Tasty Tuesday: Triple Threat Chocolate Truffles

If I wasn’t being good I’d be eating these. I made them a couple months back for no good reason except just to try them out after seeing similar ones here and here. They have been called cake balls, cake bombs and cake truffles all over the net. My coworkers just ask me for more of those “wonderful cake thingies from that one time”. I just smile because I have tons of variations in mind for future platters of cake truffles. These were triple chocolate flavored and will probably always remain my favorite type.

I forgot to slice into one so you could see the moist cake inside…how could I forget such an important thing?! I actually piped a chocolate filling into each chocolate cake truffle after forming them into balls, but right before dipping them into the candy chocolate coating. I know it’s hard to imagine how yummy that turned out…the insides literally melted in my mouth.

I had extra chocolate and sprinkles so I dipped some pretzels for the kids. They were happy I didn’t let any chocolate go to waste!

Making these is a sure fire way to make new friends! ;-)

~ by oneshotbeyond on June 22, 2009.

18 Responses to “Tasty Tuesday: Triple Threat Chocolate Truffles”

  1. I bookmarked the links you provided — not quite sure why because I bake about 4 time a year. But…these look so unique and easy that I thought maybe, just maybe, this might get added to my list of “I can do that” dessert recipes.

  2. amazing photos. I am tempted to pluck one of that chocolate truffles out of my screen!


  4. oh yum. and i really love the first shot. makes me just want to take a bite with that tasty depth of field. :-)MMMMMMMMMmmm

  5. I want them, and I want them NOW!

  6. This is triple happiness…chocolate nirvana indeed!

  7. Kate and I are big chocolate lovers. Will have to try these cake balls SOON!

  8. Wow… Looks amazing. Email m some!

    Chocolate itself really photographed well.

  9. these truffles are not to be trifled with and the pretzels – well they are another thing entirely

  10. They Look nice. But i’m not a fan of chocolate! LOL

    But then again, i’m odd.

  11. You’re killing me heather. I’m gonna send your photos to the FDA so you have to get approval to post them if you keep this up.

  12. Wait! And you didn’t invite ME?????

  13. omg! what can’t you do heather?? these are fantasticly professional looking! i think you should really start a catering business – you’re amazing!!

  14. Wow… Looks amazing. Email m some!

    Chocoltae itself really photographed well.

  15. C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E and a gorgeous, enticing photo. I don’t think I’ll be vising your blog anymore on Tuesday’s….too dangerous! : )

  16. Cake balls are the best! Girl at work here made some last week, I loved the Strawberry with a pink chocolate outside, and a Chocolate one with Caramel inside YUMMY! Great Pics!!

  17. […] you haven’t made your own version of these cake truffles yet you are missing out on one of the best tasting desserts around. There are fun to make too! I […]

  18. […] and tied up with extra lush ribbon they made cute little gifts. You can find out how to make them here. I made these with red velvet cake and white chocolate and WOW they were […]

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