The Artist’s Corner

The Basics-

Thank you for visiting my photography journal! I am addicted to learning & growing in the art of photography. My goal is to make stories out of photos and help brighten the spirit of life through my photography. I hope you will find my photography journal to be useful to you in some special way. I appreciate your support and wish you all the best in finding & cultivating your own passion! I am currently providing portrait photography services for the Inland Empire, Murrieta, Temecula, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, LA County and most of Southern California.

A Little More Personal-

I love my kids and dobies more than any other living creatures in the world! When I’m not out shooting people I’m usually hanging out at home with the kids and dobies. I like chocolate and have some just about everyday. I find cooking therapeutic, but I don’t like people telling me what ingredients I can and can’t use while cooking!

What To Expect At Your Shoot-

A relaxed and calm experience with all the focus on you! No pressure to do anything out of your comfort zone. It will be a truly amazing experience. You’ll be surprised how easy and fast our time together will be!


Tips For Your Shoot-

Pick a location that is personal to you or that highlights your personality best.

Dress for “head to toe” shots  meaning prepping for even the little details like manicures, pedicures, shoes, accessories and professional makeup application.

Bring a variety of wardrobe changes.

Practice modeling in front of mirror prior to your shoot to achieve the expressions, poses and looks you desire most.

Let loose and have some fun!!!

~Heather McCullah

3 Responses to “The Artist’s Corner”

  1. So happy to see you on wordpress too. 🙂

  2. Thank you Jen! I like the clean & simple feel to it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by BraveTart! I’m now busy enjoying your huge stockpile of photos. I love that your food photos are mostly savory- I’m pretty incompetent when not armed with sugar. 🙂 Peace!

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