Wedding Album Design

I thought I’d share some sample photographs of an album a bride and groom ordered from their wedding I shot back in March. I am very proud of this as they asked for a simple and sleek design both inside and out. It was the best gift & pat on the back to watch Sueng-Hae (the bride & my friend) view her wedding day in the form of this beautiful Italian Leather Flush Mounted Panorama album! The best part of photographing people is seeing their faces when they receive the finished product!

I love designing albums and bringing memories to peoples finger tips. Albums don’t have to be just for weddings either, they can be made to order, with any number of pages and are available in many sizes. They are also way more reasonable than some people may realize.

Think about giving the gift of an album to somebody you love or even to yourself! They are a great personalized and sentimental way to show your loved one just how special you they are to you. Custom albums are perfect for graduation gifts, milestone birthdays, anniversaries, glamor photos, boudoir photos, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, lifetime achievements, world travels, senior photos, sports fanatics, retirements, family happenings, sweethearts gift, engagements and many other special events or memories.

~ by oneshotbeyond on June 28, 2008.

5 Responses to “Wedding Album Design”

  1. Great Touch!!

  2. That book looks great! I hope the one I do for Tara’s wedding comes out just as great!

  3. these photos ALMOST make ME want to get married.

    On second thought…..

  4. Thank you Mike. It will be Jen! And Meleah…that comment made me laugh out loud!!!

  5. Graduation gifts in Ukraine – best!

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