Why Should You Hire A Professional Photographer for Your Wedding?


For Quality & Peace of Mind

Sometimes people try to save money when it comes to special events happening in their lives. They may save their money, but they can easily lose precious memories by doing so. When you hire a professional photographer verses going with “Aunt Jane” you get quality & peace of mind. A professional photographer is hired to do a job and that job is usually one they not only happen to adore, but they have spent time learning about & gaining expertise on. “Aunt Jane” may love taking pictures with her fancy new camera, but has she been trained to do so? Does she have experience that qualifies her to give you the quality & peace of mind you deserve? Is she bringing a backup camera in case hers stops working? What kind of lighting does she supplement with if it’s needed? How about access to post processing software & vendors for turning your images into something worthy of displaying for the years to come? Will she be able to focus in on what you expect her to on your special day? If she is “part of the family” she may have a hard time doing so.

I shot my cousin’s wedding last August and I knew before hand that the best thing for my cousin & his fiance was for me to have another photographer there with me. You just don’t know how distracted a member of the family may get when they are surrounded by friends, family & long lost acquaintances. I am so glad I thought to ask my friend to attend that wedding and shoot with me. There were times when my grandma asked me to do something for her and I was able to go ahead and take care of it without fear of missing an important shot. I hadn’t seen my brother in over a year when he walked in and I was able to have a quick visit with him without fear that I would have the bride & groom wondering why I wasn’t snapping away. I will shoot a wedding for family & close friends without hesitation. I know I can handle it because I have shot other weddings and know exactly what shots are generally expected. I know the flow of a wedding and how fast accurate shots need to be taken to create a story for that special wedding album later. I myself prefer having a back up shooter when I shoot a family member’s wedding. If I am a photographer and know how important it is to have a professional photographer at your wedding…why are so many people choosing to skimp in this area of their wedding planning? “Aunt Jane” deserves to enjoy your wedding just like the other guests. She may think she’s happy to shoot for you, but will you be happy that she did?

The only way to get the quality & peace of mind you’re looking for is to prioritize it into your planning. There are photographers for every budget out there! With online portfolios you can find their work and see the quality of it. Professional photographers who are reputable have the most advanced equipment (and know how to use it), post processing know how, experience, training & social skills you want for your wedding. You plan every detail of the wedding…don’t sacrifice the one detail that can make the difference in your remembering all the other details you carefully put into place for your special day. Find a professional photographer and get the quality & peace of mind you deserve!

Check out my wedding portfolio right here!

Remember how I mentioned my grandma & brother above? Here’s a shot I grabbed of them together at my cousin’s wedding last year! My grandma is wearing my brother’s jacket. So cute! Love it and them!!! πŸ™‚


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5 Responses to “Why Should You Hire A Professional Photographer for Your Wedding?”

  1. nicely put!

  2. Are you sure that’s your grandma, Heather???? OMG. She looks so young. I agree with what you have written. It makes all the sense in the world!

  3. Your grandma??? She is so youthful! What good genes you must have!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. You could have been talking about “Aunt Sue” in this post! My niece is getting married and, of course, the question was posed about me being the photographer. I immediately said and emphatic “NO!” First of all, I am not a people photographer, but secondly, as you so perfectly stated, a family member needs to enjoy the event for the event’s sake. I did tell my niece that I would bring my camera and shoot a “boat load” of photos — but only as a second shooter who might capture some of the more casual, fun photos.

    Good post, Heather, posing some good thoughts.

    And…I see where you get your youthful good looks from. It must be in the “genes!”

  5. Thank you all for the sweet comments about my grandma!

    Sue…that’s so funny I picked your name! I definitely didn’t think of you when I did that. Everybody always goes with “Uncle Tom” and such so I thought I’d do an Aunt…ha ha ha.

    I bet you will get some great candids for them at the wedding!

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